Judith Pishnery's project City Nights – Beyond the Glass captures the elusive, quiet mystery of the night, while peering into other lives, secretly wishing for something more to happen. The cover of night and the illumination from within breaks down the barriers, allowing us to intrude into the mystery beyond the glass. The graphic nature of the architecture compartmentalizes and isolates the individual scenes. This project begins to explore human nature to look, to observe, to be a voyeur, when no one is watching us, in the anonymity of the city night.

  • A beautiful full color - 12x12", 78 page, limited edition book of "City Nights - Beyond the Glass", including a few with details, is available for purchase @ $95 each.
  • Large scale prints are available - 20x30 and larger, printed on Kodak Endura Metallic, edition of 5
  • Please contact us for additional information, pricing and to purchase.