Workshop Instructors

Judith Pishnery - Photography Workshop Instructor

Judith Pishnery

The workshop mentor/instructor, Judith Pishnery has been immersed in the field of photography for over 25 years. From any early age she was always artistic and when she discovered photography her future was determined. She has worked with corporate, editorial and advertising clients creating images to embellish brochures, magazines and other printed materials.

In addition she creates imaginative still life photographs and captures the beauty, mystery and splendor of many locations throughout the US and abroad. Along with creating photographs, she has been sharing her passion and expertise by teaching photography students in several art colleges for more than 20 years. Judith has been a photography professor at SCAD-Atlanta, director of a college Photography program and shared her knowledge with hundreds of photography students. In addition to her professional & education adventures, Judith is the Executive Director & Curator at the Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta's oldest nonprofit photographic arts organization.

Join in a workshop with this dynamic mentor, improve your photography skills, create more exciting photographs and enjoy the process.

Chef Tony Pisconeri - Culinary | Cooking - Workshop Instructor


Chef Pisconeri holds a degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of Atlanta graduating at the top of his class with honors. He is a member of the American Culinary Federation and has been awarded Culinary Diplomas and awards in many competitions and exhibitions. Specializing in fine cuisine and presentation, his culinary experience enhances his ability to bring culture, depth and creativity to each of his projects.

Chef Pisconeri has served as a faculty member, curriculum development and advisory board member at several of Atlanta's art colleges and technical institutions. He brings industry insight into the classroom, encouraging students to develop their artistic talent, creative skills and business savvy to compete in today's creative environment. Tony participates in a wide range of educational opportunities including workshops, private instruction, portfolio evaluation and development coaching.