Student Comments

I want to thank for a wonderful learning experience. You brought to light things that were simply a mystery to me. I look forward to 102. Thanks again.

Tom  / Photo 101

We shot our first client today after our class with you.....
NO SHADOWS or YELLOW TONES!!!  :)  Thanks!!!

Dianna and Brandy / Lighting - Private lesson

I really enjoyed the Atlanta Nights class, it was great & I learned a lot. 
Thanks for teaching such a good class. 

Luci / Atlanta Nights

I have been on two or three of your Atlanta walks and love them.

Joe / Photo Walks & Oakland Cemetery

I also wanted to let you know you exceeded all my expectations and inspired me to achieve goals not only in my photography venture but also other areas in my life that I have set aside. I am finally doing something for myself and I don't feel bad about.

Kim / Business of Photography

Thank you so much for teaching me photo shop! I love love love it! I have used it so much for photo restoration, cleaning up photos, and now I took some pics the other day. They look awesome blown up and hanging on my wall and in my bathroom. I didn't do much to them but I am so happy to have photo shop as a skill!!!

Violet / Photoshop

just a quick note to thank you for getting rid of my fear of flash!!! I even ordered my Sigma flash's big brother so I can use them together in my "studio" at home instead of my stupid hot lights. I will definitely be signing my hubby up for one of your 101 classes.

Karey / Flash

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the Oakland workshop.  I've lived in the Atlanta area my entire life and never visited Oakland until my class went on a field trip there.  I fell in love with the place.  Typically, I DO NOT care for cemeteries.  However, from the moment I set foot inside the gate, I knew that this place was going to be very different.  It's like touring an art museum.  I am so in awe of the architecture of the old monuments. I feel as though every photograph tells a story.

I've attended several of your classes .....  I always enjoy them very much and look forward to attending others.  The material you provide is very informative and I always welcome the opportunity to learn from someone, such as yourself, who is willing to speak on a level in class that even "I" can understand.  

Thanks for doing the OAKLAND workshop.  It was great.

Sharon / Oakland Nights

Janet and I had a great time in Oakland last Thursday.  We plan to go back in the daytime when we can scout out other places to shoot on the next night event.

Phil & Janet / Oakland Nights

Thanks for giving your time and knowledge to me last Saturday.  I had a great time and I learned a lot. 

I think that you provided good advice on white balance, F-stop and shutter speed because I only had to do normal sharpening and straightening processing to my photos.  Thanks again.

Paul / Atlanta Nights

Thanks for a wonderful day. I've taken many classes and read lots of books...nothing compares to how much I learned from you today. You made it fun, productive and delicious.

Michael / Photo 102

I totally enjoyed the class today… looking forward to more more more! Thanks again for the great lessons and the wonderful lunches.  Kudos to the chef!

Sheri / Photo 102

Thank you so much for an excellent day ... I learned a lot more about using my camera and photography as a whole. It was a good group of folks with lots of interaction. Please keep me on your mailing list of other “workshops” and shoots as I would certainly like to spend more time learning from you. Tony, thanks for making lunch…it was very good!

Kevin / Photo 102

Thank you very much for the wonderful hospitality and workshop, I really enjoyed it.  
I am looking forward to the 102 class.

Brenda / Photo 101

I just wanted to thank you again for all of the information that you shared with us in class. I have been trying to find someone who would give me insight into the real world of professional photography. Your class was exactly what I was looking for.

Stan / Business of Photography

I very much enjoyed my two days of photographic immersion. You are so incredibly knowledgeable. One of my prior co- workers asked how your seminar was. The amount of information to process is mammoth, but then...I have always known that. I want to do this...thank you for helping get me started.

Judy / Business of Photography

Your insight into the business and your completely open and honest explanation was absolutely well receipted and appreciated by those in the class. It was a truly enjoyable session and your no-non-sense approach to teaching, was refreshing, engaging, and all around FUN!

Heather / Business of Photography

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely brilliant seminar this weekend. I have a great appreciation and respect for an instructor that comes to class with a well-defined outline of topics to cover. And to have the instructor follow that outline with such ease definitely attests to the vast expertise you have. I also appreciate your openness to sharing resources.

This is one of the best seminars I have attended and certainly the one that I have gained the most information from. I still cannot believe how much information you covered in two days.

Donna / Business of Photography

I really enjoyed the Long Island Winery trip and wanted to thank you for for sharing your experiences with us. I was sitting at lunch with you and was the guy who \"quacked\" when I came in from the rain. Something clicked for me during your presentation with regard to wide angles. I have always shot tight and didn\'t have a feeling for how to compose using a very wide angle.

Jeff / Tamron Workshops Long Island

Thanks so much for a great class.
You are my favorite teacher and a great inspiration to me.
I always make wonderful leaps and bounds in creativity after shooting with you!

Laurel / Photo Walk

I just want to thank you for the fantastic workshop this past weekend. Not only was it a great workshop, but it also made studio work so much more accessible to me than I ever thought possible! I'll be sure to look out for your other classes.

Karen / Studio 101 - Lighting

Thanks for such a good studio workshop this past weekend. Since we were able to use the equipment and see the results on your computer, I learned a great deal. I’m anxious to practice the techniques!

Kitty / Studio 101 - Lighting

You not only met but exceeded my expectations of our session. You are such a wonderful teacher. You have a gift, my friend. I am very excited to begin learning and practicing interior photography as well as practicing new techniques with my camera in my portrait photography.

Kacey / Private Lessons

Thanks again for the awesome lighting class, I really enjoyed it!  I hope that I can take some more classes with you in the future; I’ll keep an eye out on your website for upcoming classes that I might be able to make.

James / Studio 101 - Lighting

I did have a great time. You have some good places to go to and I like being around your groups. Let me know when you are having another workshop. And yes I will keep looking for them on your website.

Joe / Atlanta Photo Walk

After the class I finally took your advice and started playing with RAW. That was worth the class right there as I now see how much more adjustment that provides. ... Thanks again for your time and appreciate your critique.

Rob / Atlanta Nights

I've been meaning to contact you to let you know how much fun I had shooting with the group in Atlanta on the 4th. I learned a lot and I got what I think are some great photos.
I set up a gallery to show off my "keepers," ...

Again, thanks for a fun and informative seminar, and I look forward to more of them.

Phil / Atlanta Nights

I want to thank you again for your excellent presentation of Studio Lighting 101.
Your real-world experience gave the workshop a dose of reality.

Carroll / Studio 101

I would like to thank you for such an amazing class.
I really enjoyed the two days and learned a lot.

Rudy / Studio 101

I've started to work on the Italy photos and i've posted them in flickr . Give them a quick look and tell me what you think? I'm very pleased with them myself and I sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Emerita / Italy

Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful workshop.  I really enjoyed it and appreciate all the time and effort you put into it for us.  Your enthusiasm, planning and attitude made it a really great time.  And thanks, also, for lending me "the shirt off your back".

Roxanne / Italy

You're the best!  Thanks for all you do to educate the amateurs.

Trussell / Private Instruction, Studio 101

I want to thank you for your time yesterday.
You really helped me understand lighting better
and the use of my camera.

Mary / private lessons

Thank you again for such an enjoyable weekend.
I really appreciated the tips you gave during class....

Kim / Studio 101

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for a
great class this weekend. It is wonderful to have an enthusiastic and
knowledgeable instructor with a passion for the subject matter.

Dawn / Studio 101

Thanks for a workshop packed with great info! I appreciate your knowledge,
enthusiasm and thoroughness. It will take me weeks to cull through the book
and my notes, but you've shortened the learning curve for all of us by
condensing and sharing so much information.
It was worth the trip!

Polly / Business of Photography

Your leadership and guidance during the "Postcards from Atlanta" was impressive. 
I'd never spent any time in the Inman Park area, nor the Fairlie Poplar district.

Chuck / Postcards from Atlanta - Travel Workshop

I wanted to thank you again for the class - I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the Atlanta nights class as well.  Carl is going to try to make it to that one too if he is not already traveling that weekend.

Fletcher / Postcards from Atlanta - Travel Workshop

We talked about how much we enjoyed our photography class,
it was the best spent money we have ever spent.
I feel sure all of our pictures are better for having been to see you.
We can never thank you enough for your help.

Kathy, Theresa, Leigh / Private Lessons

Thanks so much for your input. You deserve a medal for you
consistent and timely responses!

Heidi / Business of Photography

I had a lot of fun last night and learned a lot.
Not used to using the “manual” setting but the pictures turned out great to me.
“Painting with Light” example on the tree was awesome. I’m going to try that.

Joe / Atlanta Nights

I wanted to thank you so much for contacting me and inviting me to photograph around Paris with you and Dorothy. I really had a great time and I learned a lot in such short amount of time. I wish you were in Paris more often, so that I can take lessons with you.

Jackie / Paris Workshop

Thanks once again for last Sunday night. I think everyone had a ball, I did for sure !
Here's a small sample of what I got. I hope you enjoy.

Kim / Cherokee Photo Club - Night Workshop

Just want to say thanks again for a great workshop. I really enjoyed the class. The knowledge gained will help me in a couple areas I have been struggling with.

Bill / Basic Studio

I have really enjoyed your class, and hope you will add me to
your mailing list for your photography trips.

Sissy / Digital 101

Great class wednesday! Can't wait for next wednesday.

John / Basic Studio

I wanted to thank you for the time spent after class on Tuesday. I tried out some of your suggestions on the images I brought to class and see what you mean about “warming” up the pictures.

Mario / Digital 101

I really enjoyed the workshop. I left energized and excited about heading out on my own. Wish I could have stayed another day.

Mark / Business of Photography

I really enjoyed having you as an instructor for the Studio class. 

Trussel / Basic Studio

My shots from the fair came out great. I am adding four of them to my show at Emory. I could do a show just of fair photographs. Thanks for all of your guidance and allowing me to pick your brain on business plans.

Mary / Friday Night Shoot-the Fair

Thanks you for the opportunity and encouragement!!!!---I have lots to "Play with," from Friday night...and also, will no longer be quite so intimidated by inclement weather-with my digital camera...Again, many thanks.

Deb / Friday Night Photo Shoot

Thank you for all of the information you shared with us on sunday, ... It seems so overwhelming sometimes, I want to make sure I ask all of the right questions ... anyway, I wanted you to know I appreciate your time.

Lauren / Business Seminar

Your enthusiasm and passion for both the art and technique of photography is inspirational to everyone who spends time with you in one of your workshops, and I personally have walked away with memories of Paris that will last a lifetime. I honestly don't know where you find the energy for everything you do, but your love of France and photography is contagious, and I thank you for it. I appreciate everything you do for your students; the student gallery website is looking very impressive, and is such a great way to showcase what you have done in these workshops with us.

Jen / Paris Nights

I had an incredible time. Half the fun was getting to know you, Bill and Jen. Paris was a 5 star trip for me.

Donna / Paris Nights

I am quite pleased with my progress as a photographer. I would like to "thank you" for all of your assistance and encouragement. I have a body of work that I can be proud of, but I have alot more to learn and develop as a photographer!

Sherry / Paris Nights

I really enjoyed the trip to Paris, you are a wonderful guide and friend. I think the prepared traveler will be glad to have someone with so much energy and knowledge guiding the way. I know I have. I am anxious for you to give me an opinion my photos. I don't know what to pick out. But I must say I feel there may be a few prints in there I hope to add to the portfolio. Zowwie, there's so many! I'll be working on these for awhile.

Megan / Paris Views

I spent the afternoon printing some of my night shots of the Seine and Notre Dame...there were two folks there and I gave them your website address and of course I was RAVING about how wonderful your Paris workshop was....maybe they will email you regarding the next, I hope so. Are you ready to go back??? I AM!!! Thanks again, I had a wonderful time freezing my ass off in Paris. I love my contact sheets, can't wait to print more!'s alot of fun to remember the trip through the shots.

Dorothy / Paris Views